Reader, Gamer, Future Ass-Kicker!

I predict that this bright kid will innovate and create BIG things in the very near future. At our last photo shoot we spent way more time playing games, laughing, and chatting than taking photos. She is a wildly impressive reader, a strong big sister, and a totally badass gamer who loves competition and swift critical thinking while simultaneously being patient and kind. 

It is hard for me to think about having kids until I have certain things just right. (I'm sure my sweet Jewish Mother just rolled her eyes and sighed a long, heavy sigh.) That said- I'll admit that this smarty makes me SO excited at the thought of someday teaching and growing with someone who's creative thinking blows my freakin' mind.

With kids on the brain, I want to invite you to checkout an amazing therapeutic child abuse prevention/intervention program I had the pleasure of working with years ago, The Child Development Resource Center of the Central Coast. They are an amazing nonprofit and community program providing tools, therapy, and support to strengthen families and help them feel/be safe. You can donate towards therapy sessions for kids and parents in scary situations, volunteer/play/make art with the kiddos, and send over art supplies, books, etc...  

Check these lovely angels out!! --> (CDRC FB) (CDRC Twitter) 

<3 Samaria

Eat, drink, and be gay married- Shelby+Kari

This was a wonderful day in Los Angeles surrounded by a newly joined glee filled family and two beautiful women so in love it was contagious. Thanks to the happy brides, their families, and their lovely/talented kiddos for having me along for the joy fest.


CocoRosie | Photos for NBC's music blog, SoundDiego!

Here are some photos of the energetic and eccentric band, CocoRosie. These sisters stole my heart a few months ago after a friend highly recommended their interesting "freak folk" sound. After a tasty and surreal show at the Belly Up, I'm totally hooked. Bianca (Coco) and Sierra (Rosie) are with the talented people at Sub Pop Records, who obviously know how to find incredible artists (The Postal ServiceDum Dum Girls, Fleet FoxesThe Shins!!) I took these for NBC’s music blog, SoundDiego! Checkout the full gallery here --->(NBC SoundDiego)


Here are a few of my favorites...




Small San Diego Wedding | Sweet Erin+Dom

This couple makes me smile. Erin sends me photos of cute puppies while I am working late. Dom and I nerd out over great light, cameras, and how awesome Erin is. Hope you enjoy these people…I sure do! Checkout the medium format film images from this day too! photos in the forest wedding san diego

san diego new york wedding photographer samaria danielsmall san diego wedding photos ocean beach new york wedding photographer the sprouting image


Here are some behind the scenes photos lovingly provided by one of Erin’s adorable and kind Grandmas! Thanks Brenda! =)

Congrats Erin and Dom…and thanks so much for being my friends.

Erin+Dom’s Wedding on Film | Sunset Cliffs

Here are a few photos from my Mamiya, which is a highly addicting medium format film camera that tempts me to put down my digital cameras completely. The digital images will be up soon from this sweet and small wedding on the cliffs. I am so thankful for these people.

medium format film photographer san diego new york samaria daniel


Erin’s sweet Dad--->

Here’s a few of their digital photos that I posted last week…SO much color! (Erin+Dom | a few frames)

Kiddo Party! Film and Digital Images.

Almost two years ago I photographed Natalie and Josh's wedding and had so much fun with them and their families. A few weeks ago, I got to take photos of their nephew's first birthday party and see some of the family again!  It was the shared party of two charming little boys Carson+Braxton. Enjoy! medium format photos families children weddings music

Beautiful Natalie below...

Mamiya photo of Natalie's sweet Mama and her Grandbaby, Carson!

Mamiya photo of Taryn...Carson's quiet, but very photogenic big sister. I like the concentration on her face while playing in the sand.


Mamiya shot below:

medium format photos families children weddings music


Jess+Gary | Engagement Shoot adventure

This couple is having a lovely wedding at the Marston House this year…I can’t wait! Jess+Gary met at another wedding I was photographing a few years back, (Jay and Sara’s wedding) and have been together ever since…so adorable! At this engagement shoot, I got stung by stinging nettle all up my arm, and a super cool mutant ant colony discovered and explored the entire surface of my left foot- eek!! I was so glad to have such good friends there to watch me embarrass the heck out of myself, scream my head off, and almost get carried away by giant ants. Such a fun adventure! =) san-diego-new-york-wedding-photographer-videographer


Thanks for picking me Jess+Gary!!